Gateaux Offers Exquisite Personalised Wedding Cakes 11/9/2017 Gateaux Offers Exquisite Personalised Wedding Cakes
Gateaux is a pastry shop that specialises in creating personalised wedding cakes of various shapes, sizes, and designs.

Gateaux is a specialty cake and pastry shop in Dubai offering exquisite custom made cakes and pastries combining the finest and freshest ingredients and the artistry and passion of our pastry chefs led by all-time favorite Chef Francisco Pinto.

Gateaux gains its fineness and distinction from the awesome taste sensations created by our naturally gifted and culinary schooled pastry chefs. We are proud to be a leader cake shop in Dubai delivering our promised values and qualities. Our products are passionately appreciated by thousands of people across the UAE including the crème de la crème of the local community.

At Gateaux we aim to create happy moments and lasting impression for you and your guests.